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The majority of meetings start at 8am and finish about 10.15am, allowing you to go straight to the meeting and not go into work first. Breakfast is provided and an informal atmosphere to create the right setting for the topic. We have a variety of speakers from leading organisation who are happy to share their knowledge with us.


RT @TEDTalks: Watch what happens when two monkeys are offered unequal pay for the same task: https://t.co/vjmcfdxt9Z https://t.co/Lew6E1nykY
RT @tombolacareers: You can now earn £1,000 for helping a friend get a job https://t.co/yNd4ENIS4F
RT @tombolacareers: New role! Senior Platform Developer needed for our Bingo team. https://t.co/SCNJ5W7j3I #MVC #aspnet https://t.co/YF3n…
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